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Shanks Kulam CMO of x-Mobility interview; ‘Embracing a new type of MVNO’, for 11th April 2018

UK mobile virtual network aggregator (MVNA) x-Mobility launches EcoTalk, 20 March 2017,

x-Mobility MVNO’s ONOFF App and FreedomPop featured in BBC’s technology programme Click24 September 2016

x-Mobility launches Welsh MVNO RWG; ‘Wales to launch UK’s first ‘provincial’ Mobile Network’,, 12 July 2016

x-Mobility finalist in ‘Best Support Service’ category at Mobile Industry Awards 2016

x-Mobility disrupts the MVNO model, Mobile Today, 18 April 2016

‘x-Mobility enables Video Calls for MVNOs, OTTs’, Total Telecom, 21 October 2015,

Telefonica signs agreement with x-Mobility to enable MVNO/OTTs with Video Calling, ‘x-Mobility expands its MVNA capabilities to 4G, Volte and OTT services’, Bloomberg Business, 29 September 2015 –

Hutchison 3UK extends partnership with x-Mobility by signing as their OTT Aggregator, ‘MVNOs get OTT boost as Three extends partnership’,, 29 July 2015–.aspx

‘x-Mobility launches FreedomPop; Q&A: FreedomPop CEO and founder Stephen Stokols’, Hutchison 3UK extends partnership with x-Mobility by signing as their OTT Aggregator, European Communications, 20 July 2015

‘Free Three MVNO wants 1m customers within three years’,  MOBILENEWSCWP.CO.UK, 8 June, 2015

KeepCalling and x-Mobility launch Tello, the newest MVNO in the UK; ‘UK MVNO Tello Launches Personalized 4G “at No Extra Cost” Plan,, 30 October 2014

‘UK startup Swytch is building an app to open up the “burner” phone number market’,, 25 oct 2014,

‘New Irish MVNO, IDMobile launched by x-Mobility’, 12 August 2013;

‘x-Mobility launches Samba Mobile’s advert-supported 3G Data service in UK’,, July 2012

Tech Magazine WIRED featuring x-Mobility’s CMO & Co-Founder Shanks Kulam, WIREDApril 2012

‘Three teams up with x-Mobility to offer MVNO connectivity in Ireland’, Silicon Republic February 2012